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25 апреля 2017

Starfall Tactics will be shut down for maintenance for an hour or two approximately. 

We are taking this time to fix some issues and make your playtime more enjoyable! Please, take this short break to send us feedback about your first impressions, discuss Starfall Tactics at our forum or on Discord Channel and ask away if you have any questions. 

Here is a short list of fixes:

  • Fixed client crashes in asteroid fields.
  • Problem with Mothership menu constantly opening resolved.
  • House invite notifications fixed and now correctly appear where they should be.
  • When you try to colonize a planet it now correctly makes button active if you have a Mining Complex.
  • Fixed AI fleets: they now correctly behave on the Galaxy Map after battles.
  • Fixed client crash caused by Flight units when carrier and its' target were destroyed.
  • Ships now take time to be crafted, as intended.
  • Ships duplication problem resolved.
  • Detachment autofill fixed.
  • 2nd level now correctly requires 300.000 instead of 3.000.000 exp.
  • Match finding widget now will be shown correctly when you are looking for the battle.
  • Survival mode now spawns you on a proper map.
  • Cassandra and Alien ships should no longer shoot themselves.
  • Self-destruction module fixed
  • Matchmaking fixed - now it shouldn't take to another match when you are already in battle
  • Server stability slightly improved
  • We temporarly removed from the game Point Defense, Spy Drone, Anti-Missile and Shield Disabler.
  • Added ability to create 3 ranked fleets.

Thank you for your help!