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6 апреля 2018

A lot of great things are about to appear in the Starfall Tactics with the help of Snowforged Team. And we are here, just as usual, to lift the veil and tell you about several upcoming changes:

Eclipse patrolman

Back then, in one of our weekly WIP articles, we've presented you several character portraits and their sketches. Now, as it was planned, our artists are going to create their animated 3D models which you will see in the game while contacting with certain types of fleets, completing story missions or doing other interesting things.

And here is the first animated character - Eclipse patrolman in his, of course very high-tech, special uniform:

Not actual in-game portrait. Can be changed further.

Do you still want to break Eclipse borders and attack their territories? Think twice, otherwise, this man definitely won't give mercy to you (well, at least unless he doesn't get a proper reward).

Advanced renegade system

Remember all these situations, where you accidentally hit your ally, became a renegade and panically trying to switch off fire...No panic anymore! We are implementing an advanced renegade system which allows you to make a final decision on declaring someone a renegade.

Eclipse renegade trying to destroy each other's fleets.

This system still automatically detects player who dealt sufficient damage to your ships, but now also lets a player who has been attacked to choose what exactly you want to do in this situation. You have three ways of reaction: Declare player as a renegade if he's really trying to destroy all your ships and get all your cargo; Ignore it and don't give him renegade state; Or even choose an option "Always Ignore" for this player in case that's your trusted friend.

Hope this improvement will make your raids on Pirate Bases and enemy stations even more fun ;)


There are three things you've been missing and, most likely, wanted to track while travelling across the Galaxy in Starfall Tactics. And the time has come to add them! So, let's you present several improvements which will soon be in the game:

WIP. Trackers interface will be changed.

  • Quests which require you to deliver items now let you know if you already have it in your cargo or inventory in the shipyard. Woohoo!:)
  • If there is something you want to craft but don't yet have enough resources, you can mark this project and the list of required resources will be shown while you are on the Galaxy Map.
  • Warp Stabilizer Project (it is required to get access to the next set of star systems) is a really important thing, which, obviously, must be tracked. So, now you will always be able to see the list of required resources for the Warp Stabilizer.

And well, that's all the great news for today we wanted to talk about, but definitely not everything we've done. So see you next week!;)