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20 апреля 2018

Last week we've announced new NPC faction - Free Traders - and some other important changes related to this update. But there is much more to show and tell about new faction along with upcoming changes, so we are here once again to bring you more information on all the great upcoming stuff:

Free Traders Station

Each faction, no matter if it's playable, pirate or neutral one, has a Mothership or a base. So does Free Traders -  and although, as it was mentioned before, their bases are far from faction or pirate stations, these "marketplaces for all types of peaceful traders and customers" look impressive - just like the flow of goods and money which passes through it. Giant holograms which are visible from all the star systems and four huge docking bays are just an icing on the cake in this case.

These stations let you buy and sell certain goods, along with taking certain missions and contracts. After all, your power and time is also a sort of a valuable good.

Deprived Patrolman

The third patrolman of the self-proclaimed “Deprived” faction is already here:

Although some Eclipse Commanders didn't take them as a real big threat first, these guys proved to be a real threat for ones who violate their borders - and no matter if it happens through ignorance or lack of information.


And here is another important improvement we would love to tell you about - docking to objects became more comfortable for you.

When you dock to objects, like stations and planets, you expect that your fleet will really enter it and disappear from the star system map, right? In Starfall Tactics, your fleet stayed on the map and was visible to other players no matter what were you doing there. Also, there was an opportunity that someone will attack you while you are peacefully trading or choosing a system you want to warp to. To escape unwanted situations and make docking procedure more logical, we've implemented important changes: Now, when you dock to an object, you fleet really gets inside it, disappears from the star system map and therefore can't be attacked. Hooray!:)

Read more about Free Traders, important changes, and other curious stuff next week and make sure you visit our Twitter and Facebook pages for even more!