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7 сентября 2018

More Friday news for you! This time we have another three important things to tell you about - global ship rework, new module and changes to defective items.

Ships refactoring

One of the very important (like quests, tutorials, balancing and other curious stuff) things our game designers are busy with now is a full ship refactoring - a full rework of ships. This is done both in terms of balance and because there were a lot of new weapons & modules which currently don't have their place in the game or even can't fit into ships of a certain faction at all.

This is a long-term process, after which we will need new modification (progression) trees for all ships - that's one of the reasons we haven't really changed mod trees before even though they were outdated.

Here is an example of how ship layout can be changed:

Before rework

Rework in progress. Not a final Aegis.

Note that these changes can also affect all ship characteristics, firing arks or even change a type of a weapon a ship can carry - all these things are a part of a complex system we want to improve.

So, with time you will see new ship layouts, characteristics and, possibly, even several new ship models available at level 3 or 4 of ship model progression. We hope that after this rework you will discover more ships which can fit into your strategy and find new ways to use certain weapons and modules - however, ship balance is a neverending journey we will always enjoy;)

Broken Items

A slight change to defective items - to stop confusing you with "defective" word and let you see from the first sight that such items are completely broken and can not be reused, they will now be called "Broken" instead of "Defective":

If you participated in the previous test, you will probably also happy to know that PP cost for disassembling now correctly displays and is additionally displayed on item card if you use ALT for an advanced view.

S.P.A.R.K. Module

Remember we've said "that's definitely not the last portion of modules to appear in the game" last week? Yes, we already have another one to show you!

This time it's another AOE module to help you deal with large groups of enemies at once: S.P.A.R.K. is an active module which, on activation, moves in a straight line and damages all ships on its' way. That's how it looks like:


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