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14 сентября 2018

This week we have a couple of great news - thanks to the ships refactoring process, the team has the opportunity to analyze the situation and add new tools that will fill in some empty places and let us create more diverse ship layouts. Also, the way to display ship selection in the battle, and hp bars were touched upon.

Sparrow Torpedo Launcher

There are not so many launchers in the game at the moment, so they definitely deserve to get new interesting models. Therefore, along with the great ships rework, it was decided to add a new torpedo launcher for sniper modifications of medium-class ships:


Sparrow Torpedo Launcher - the first 1x3 launcher, designed specifically for the updated ship models, which will have appropriate weapon bays. Torpedo range is 16,000 m, which is perfect for long range combat. High damage per burst and 15 seconds of cooldown will give you some time to quickly change positions and get ready for a new burst.

New Weapons - Batteries

Two other types of weapons - ballistics and beams - are also getting new models: two new "Battery" type weapons for close-range combat.

Auto Battery is a 2x2 ballistic weapon, which is very limited in range - only 3500m, but it allows to inflict very high damage per burst, firing 5 shells every 12 seconds. The third technical level makes it quite rare equipment, but Auto Battery still can be encountered even at the earliest stages of the game.

Laser Battery

The first "Battery" type laser is a new 3x1 weapon, designed for weapon bays of the appropriate size and used for battles at very short distances (up to 4000m). Produces 5 rays per second, but still is designed to cause more damage throughout the battle.

Ship Selection and HP bars

And one more small (but important in terms of convenience) change for the last week was a new way to display selected ship and its hp bar in the battle:

Normally, when the ship was selected, a round highlighted area appeared around it - but with a new version of shields, two different elements started to overlap each other - that's why it was necessary to change this effect in order to avoid some obvious mess. As a result, we returned to one of the old variants, improving it a little - now the highlighted ship is highlighted by a special contour. In addition, the hp bars of unselected ships are now shown in thinner lines, allowing you to easily define a selected ship and freeing up some space in all other cases:

Ship selection during battle

BTW: Additional shields display can be disabled in the menu - permanently or until the ship gets damaged. In this case, the critical state of the shields on one side or the other can still be determined by the red flicker, when projectiles hit the shield.

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