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21 сентября 2018

This WIP is fully dedicated to new weapons and module, which will definitely please all Commanders who love Ranked PvP in Starfall Online:

Ward Module

If you have ever played some MOBA games, you are probably familiar with "Wards" of all types - this small objects usually help you to get more vision and, therefore, have better map control. And since vision and map control are also two important things for battles (especially - Ranked battles) in Starfall Online, we've decided to implement this new module:

Ward Module is an activatable equipment, which deploys a special object to a target location in space. This object (ward) gives you vision around itself, in a limited radius equal to the one for Flack or Stalker mines - about 2000m. Ward has an unlimited duration, but can be destroyed by any ship moving over it or AOE damage (like Plasma Web or nuclear missile) - so choose its position carefully!

Long Range Cannons

How about a couple of really long range weapons for your favorite sniper ships? Yes, they are here - two long-long-range cannons with a low tech level - both of them can be found early in the game:

Long Range Cannon is a 1х4 sniper weapon. 18.000 of range - just as much as a high-tech Spear of Wrath has, but, as we mentioned above, this weapon is not that rare - it can be acquired even in the very beginning of your journey across the Galaxy. This kinetic, ballistic cannon fires once every 30 seconds, which means that it has a high damage per burst. Still, it will never be effective at close range or even middle range - so try to keep the ship with this weapon away from the battle.

Long Range Plasma Cannon - a new plasma-based weapon, designed for battles at long distances. Has a 2х3 size and 14.000m range - not as much as a previous weapon, but still enough to stay away from enemy ships. Also, has higher damage per second - it fires with 4 projectiles every 2 seconds.

Beam weapons

Beam weapons going to have another two models: this time you will meet 2x2 beams, as previously this size was a privilege of very specific Phantom lasers and Eclipse faction weapons:

Ectophase Beam is a close-range 2x2 weapon - its maximum range can barely hit 3.000m. Even being a beam with a 3rd Tech level, this one can be found somewhere in Beta or Gamma systems - however, don't expect that each enemy keeps one for you. Ectophase Beam is the second weapons in the game after Disintegration Ray, which will have charge time - 5 seconds. Also has 18 seconds of cooldown, compensated by a high burst damage.

S-Laser is another 2x2 beam weapon. This weapon has no cooldown - instead, it continuously damages a target, dealing a fixed amount of damage each second. The 8.000m range makes it a decent choice for mid-range battles in Beta or Gamma systems.


And that's probably the last weapon for today - but don't relax now - there are a lot of other weapons to tell you about later. Besides, there is a couple important news to share with you next week - stay tuned! ;)